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Pine Straw | Pine Needle Mulch FAQ

Why use pine straw mulch?

Pine straw is light weight and very easy to install. The Pin straw naturally suppresses weeds in beds by reducing sunlight to the soil beneath. Pine straw is excellent for retaining moisture to bedding plants during hot Summer months and for insulating the roots in the Winter months. Pine straw provides a beautiful finishing touch to any landscape.

How thick should my pine straw be?

Under normal conditions pine straw should be applied 2-3 inches thick. However if you already have a good base from years of pine straw applications, 1- 2 inches is sufficient. Often pine straw is used for a quick clean up to enhance a property for a party or resale. In this, case 1-2 inches for color is all that is needed.

How long does Pine needle mulch last?

The Longleaf pine straw will last up to one year before needing to be refreshed. However to keep that vibrant  reddish brown color around all year we recommend refreshing the pine straw beds every six months.

Does pine straw mulch work on a hill?

Pine straw is an excellent choice for slopes and hillsides. The pine needles allow the water to drain through without floating away. The pointed shape and interconnecting of the pine needles allow them to hold the ground much better than other mulch materials.

How do I install pine straw aka pine needle mulch?

We recommend taking the pine straw from the package in large chunks. As much as you can hold in two hands, and then just start shaking the pine needles out into the desired area. With a little practice, you'll have the hang of it in no time. Make sure to spread the pine straw evenly. You don't want a big pile over here and barely enough over there. Take your time and work smart. It will pay off in the end. 

Does pine straw mulch attract termites?

Pine straw is the most commonly used baled mulch that is lowest in cellulose, which basically means that pine straw is termite resistant. It is the best choice for foundation plantings in your landscaping.

Defines Your Bedlines

Plants Love it!

Adds Curb Appeal

Helps Suppress Weeds

Perfect for Slopes and Hillsides