About US

USA Pinestraw specializes superior quality Pine Straw. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality pine straw mulch on the market at an affordable price. Typical retail stores often sell poor quality pine straw bales that are stored on trailers for months before ever reaching a customers home. As a result the pine needle mulch is old and faded and lasts only a short time. At USA Pinestraw we guarantee our customers the highest quality pine straw mulch on the market. Always freshly harvested and having that beautiful, all natural, vibrant, reddish brown pine straw color that our customers love.


We offer two different types of pine straw : 


Premium Long Needle - Pine needles up to 14 inches in length. Harvested from the Longleaf Pine Tree. 

Standard Short Needle - Pine straw needles up to 9 inches in length. Harvested from the Slash Pine Tree. 


All of our pine straw is harvested from Longleaf and Slash Pine trees in southern Georgia without causing harm to the trees or the ecosystem. Each year thousands of acres of Cypress and Cedar trees are destroyed and rarely replenished for use as mulch. 

USA Pinestraw is proud to offer America a better alternative. 


Pine straw is the only mulch material on the planet that can enhance the beauty of your home, insulate your plants in every season, provide nutrients to the soil, suppress weeds, and protect the environment at the same time. 


USA Pinestraw offers the highest quality pine needle mulch on the market today. Pine straw is an excellent mulch material for bedding plants and gardens making it a perfect choice for refreshing the landscape beds around your home or business. Millions of people all across the south have already made pine straw their preferred mulch material. It is our goal to make this incredible product available to homes and businesses everywhere. Help keep America beautiful - USE PINE STRAW!